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Welcome to Manchester IT

Manchester IT was started 17 years ago with a single purpose in mind.

I’m passionate about helping people get the most out of IT. It’s not just about fixing broken systems, though of course that comes into it, it’s far more than that. Unfortunately, many regard their IT provider as an unwelcome overhead and cost on their business, and I’m sure with many IT providers it’s exactly that, but I started Manchester IT because I knew it could deliver so much more value than just business continuity.

IT should be an enabler in the business; a means to improve efficiency, remove cost and reduce risk and IT changes so quickly that it’s highly unlikely most businesses are even scratching the surface of what they could be doing and the benefits they could be seeing. That’s what we’re here for… And fixing it when it breaks, naturally.

Today, Manchester IT is a highly skilled team of like minded individuals who share the belief that your IT IS your business, and more importantly, it should be treated as such. The service and support services we provide reflect this ethos.

Finally, today we have a portfolio of great clients who we really enjoy working with – so much so that they’re happy to talk to you if you require a reference for our services – and that speaks far more loudly than anything we could ever say about ourselves.

If you want help getting the most out of your IT, or you just want to check that you already are, or it’s broke and you need it fixing yesterday, please call – we’d love to hear from you.

John Williams

About Us

We are based in Manchester and look after companies throughout the UK, with over 12 years of experience in IT support, we are partnered with Microsoft, VMware, HP. Manchester IT was…


Manchester IT has been offering IT support for business for well over a decade. With remote support we can support you and your business anywhere in the world.

Online Backup

We also run and manage our own online backup service, please click ‘read more’ to be taken to

Office 365

Manchester IT is now offering business grade web site hosting services on our Linux servers at the Manchester Datacentre, please check out our competitively priced hosting…

We offer:-

A flexible service that will be tailored to your precise needs – this covers items such as:- IT located at directors’ homes and a service that can provided out of hours Comprehensive and up to date advice on new products and solutions that can enhance your business – taking the time to understand your individual requirements and applying technology to enable your business Strong communication skills – solving your IT problems is not just about having sound technical knowledge, communicating actions and building the relationship is central to our service and a key factor in our success


“It was the best thing we did getting rid of our IT and outsoursing it to you guys.” – Anon “It was the best thing we did getting rid of our IT and outsoursing it to you guys.” – Joe Bloggs View all testimonials


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