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Connor Hardman

I’m currently Manchester ITs’ latest IT specialist…and I’m loving it! Manchester IT feels like it is – a family run business, with people there to help you. That’s what makes it different. Much nicer than a bigger company, which I’ve experienced in the past.

I got my IT qualifications through a government funded project, where you were paid while you studied! A big attraction. After that I worked on a customer service desk, providing technical support and information to our customers. I learned a lot, but knew I could do more and wanted to learn more. I saw the Manchester IT advert and the rest is history. I started in September 2016.

I’m very good with my hands and like messing with things – so I’m quite happy building custom PCs, taking them apart and putting them back together again. So hardware is my preference. Here I carry out a wide range of tasks with servers and work stations – really broadening my experience and learning a lot. There’s still a lot of things that I need a helping hand with, but the team are very supportive, and understanding if you make a mistake. Nothing makes me happier than being given a big job and to complete it all by myself.

My days are very varied. Sometimes in the office answering calls and other times undertaking on-site client visits to fix problems, like re-starting the server.

Outside of Manchester IT I’m a bit of an adrenalin freak. My best personal achievement was getting my motorbike licence. At 17 I had a scooter, now I have a Ducati Hypermotaro 1100S. I grew up with bikes, with my Dad taking me to the Isle of Man TT in 2007. Chilling out at home is having some food and drink with friends, and enjoying time with my two cats Mini and Mittens. Cats are another thing that has always been in the family with my Gran breeding Siamese. Mini and Mittens are house cats and not allowed out. Some of the things you hear about what people do to cats is horrendous. So in they stay!

Finally, I do enjoy rock music festivals and like to attend the ‘Download Festival’ at Donnington Park. It may mean camping in the mud, but the music is fantastic. As they say, ‘It’s the spiritual home of rock’. So…here’s hoping for a dry, warm and sunny June!

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