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Daniel Starkey


Following closely behind Barry, I joined Manchester IT in 2005. I always wanted to do IT, problem was I got to 18 and had no experience in the industry. I think my interest started when I was 8 years old, with an Atari, precursor to the PC. I did a little gamming, but nothing major, as my interest was more in the technology aspects of computers, and at 15 I started building computers and linking functionality.

Workwise, I started with Stockport Council in their Rents Office. Using the IT skills I learned at college, I demonstrated my competence and got promoted to System Administration Officer, where I found myself involved in more challenging and complex tasks, including configuring, testing and implementing new functionality.

When I moved to Manchester IT I was in my element – software and systems implementation. I love the challenge of fixing what others can’t, especially when it is a problem that John can’t solve!

At Manchester IT we are so different to other IT companies. When you phone in, you immediately get an engineer – that is unless Laurina, our administrator answers the phone – but she will pass you immediately on to one of us. We stand out because you get someone technical at the end of the phone to answer your query. It is personal service and no script!

There is no typical day! And that is the beauty of the job. In 10 years I have never been bored or looked at the clock!

To relax, I love music and enjoy going to festivals and gigs. At home I play the guitar – but not very well!

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