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Kieren Bennett

Kieren Bennett

Like Bradley, I joined Manchester IT in 2014. I remember getting an interview while they were in the pub! Since joining, I have never looked back; and I get such great satisfaction from solving client’s problems. They usually phone up in a bit of a panic; I try to calm them down and then work out what the problem is. What’s really nice is when you can solve the problem almost instantly. It’s two way success – they are happy and so are we.

I guess I’m a bit of a natural it IT. It’s in my bones. I’ve had an interest in IT and the digital world for as long as I can remember, and I can’t remember being without a computer. I built my first one when only 11 years old. I love taking things apart – and obviously putting them back together! So it’s the hardware side that really intrigues me. As a kid I used to play computer games – and still do now in my spare time; and at 16 I started to teach myself programming. I love challenge, and if I’m told that something can’t be done, I don’t believe it – and I usually manage to find a solution.

In the IT world I admire Apple’s late Steve Jobs and what he achieved – starting in the basement and working his way up. Bill Gates has done well, but then he started with money from his parents. Steve did it all the hard way.

Here at Manchester IT, we support each other and share client problems. No one feels isolated and we all help each other to secure the right solution as fast as we can. That’s what real teamwork is all about: ‘we are all one’. I guess it’s the friendliness and supportiveness that makes Manchester IT different, while still being able to laugh and joke.

Out of the office I live with my partner and we have a keen interest in bikes. Sometimes we might cycle 100 miles in a day at the weekend. I also consider myself a bike engineer – taking them apart and putting them back together again – improving their performance in the process. A bit like I do at work! I’m also a good squash player. Another side to me is my music. I have seven guitars and four ukuleles. Relaxing to me is playing the guitar with our guinea pig, Bugsy, sitting on it! We also have another guinea pig and a rabbit – but they don’t have the same interest in music!


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