Who We Are

We have been providing a highly professional support service from the North West for many years and our customer base is country-wide. We are proud of our deep and insightful knowledge which gives us a clarity in thinking when it comes to solving your tech challenges in the business world. Everyone of our team is very much a part of the furniture and we all like to keep each other on our toes with the latest know-how. IT is an intellectual driven business and that is the way we approach our daily lives. The technical horizon is a fizzing kettle of brilliant ideas and solutions which require complex minds like ours to deliver you simpler ways of working.

Think of us as a cross between a utility company and an engineering company with a great human, holistic approach to every single one of our clients.

We have seen it all here at MIT Group. We saw screens change from big bulky “televisions” on top of people’s desks to wafer thin LCDs to wearable tech. We saw spinning disc drives become ultra fast solid state drives. We have upgraded clients’ tech over the years, watching the dedicated service rooms shrink ever smaller as processing power increased exponentially. Now those rooms don’t even have tech in as clients move to The Cloud.

With every new wave of new technologies and approaches we have fully absorbed the new knowledge so we could bring you a delightfully adept service which can scan the horizon for the best options without ever scratching our heads. You want to save money, make more money and use electronic money more effectively. Order processing, logistics and fulfilment are aspects of big business that have now filtered down to the independent high street retailer.

So much has happened and we sum ourselves up like this: If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

We have built our business on three primary areas:


We are big picture thinkers. The problem may be small but the tech landscape is vast and we bring our brains to bear on all challenges.


You all matter to us. When we get “that phone call” we can hear in your voice. It is ok, we are here to help. We understand how dizzying tech can be to people who don’t have the time to deal with it. We know most of our customers by name and are always here to send you away smiling.


Even Bill Gates couldn’t learn it all. The trick is to know exactly where you knowledge needs to be focussed. What is next? What is current? What is on its way out?