Cloud Services

Most IT spending today has a cloud element to it. In many cases Cloud is the main part of the project as physical square footage costs become ever more expensive and so do building services costs. Saving head count and floor space through improved working practices have represented a radical change in direction for many businesses, enabling them to implement new, lucrative strategies. Digital transformation is the name of the game.

Here are just a few of the Cloud areas we cover:

  • Migration Specialists
  • Private Cloud in our Tier 3 Data Centres
  • Office 365
  • Public Cloud
  • Azure or AWS
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service to Public or Private Cloud
  • Backup, DR and Replication – Veem or Zerto
  • Co-Location
  • Desktop as a Service

Move to the Cloud

Most businesses are saying goodbye to that server that sits in a locked room hovering up your electricity bill. But it isn’t just hardware costs that are being saved. Moving to the Cloud means that you can bring an added dimension of flexibility to your team, allowing them to work when and where they want… and from any device. We find that when staff are no longer glued to their desks, their productivity increases. Add the extra element of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Cloud is the way forward because the responsibility for all that incredibly expensive security tech then falls on the provider, rather than you.

Public Cloud

Our clients love Public Cloud because you don’t need as much hardware and that means major cost savings.

Azure or AWS

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are dedicated cloud services from the masters. Although in their early days still (relatively speaking) they are growing rapidly due to the massive support and development behind them. We are fully up to speed with both platforms and can advise and integrate easily.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a fact of today’s life that you are now responsible for the data you hold and if you get it wrong, you’re for the high jump. Some companies wanting to fully embrace the cloud have found that their data protection obligations are too stringent to allow this, e.g. patient records in healthcare or perhaps sensitive company records such as in the legal profession. Hybrid Cloud allows you the best of both worlds with a clever set of solutions working in perfect harmony

Multi Cloud

Multi-cloud is very similar to Hybrid Cloud only bigger and more complex. Not all businesses just work on Microsoft software products, some use design software, bespoke software and Saas. Each one of these may have different security requirements and that’s where multi-cloud comes in.