We are not just talking about servers here although the machines that do the processing of your daily activities are still part of the overall picture. Most of us are aware that they room we are no usually allowed in, is much smaller than it used to be. Many people no longer have a machine that sits under their screen on their desk. Often it is now just a screen and a keyboard. This hardware technology is being hosted offsite more and more in enormous datacentres around the world. Some of them are so big, they have to be water cooled. Anything that runs and application or stores information can be hosted anywhere you like. With the new range of hosting options available you can comfortably adhere to your GPDR obligations.


If you had to conduct a data mapping exercise on the run up to the implementation of GDPR then you will be more than aware just how much information has been flying around your organisation. It will also have been diffuse and messy. Hosting your data in a secure cloud security centre allows you to massively up the level of security without having to invest millions in the tech. You are sharing that environment with other companies who also have similar obligations. And you are hosted in your own secure area at the data centre.


If you are running cloud applications like Office365 and Adobe, there is no need to backup on your premises. Why run the risk of a broken hard drive or someone who has forgotten to back up for the past 3 weeks. With our range of secure hosting solutions you can ensure back ups are done in near real-time so that, should the worst happen, you can be up and running again almost immediately. How’s that for reducing risk!


It is very rare that we find a company hosting their own website these days but, that said, we do still find people hosting in very insecure environments. Websites are some of the easiest things for hackers to get into and they can bring your entire business down in a day. You may not recover. Bear in mind that, if you have a contact form on your website, or an IP lookup service, then you have data protection obligations. Hosting with us is secure and the protection is always up to the minute. If you have hybrid cloud requirements then secure hosting of your web interface is essential.