We moved on a very long way from the days of that annoying paperclip in Microsoft Word. Of course, the family favourites are all still there; Word, PowerPoint, Excel but these days they are stunningly spectacular in what they can do. Did you know that you can now create a video in PowerPoint? As the Microsoft suite of office products has evolved so have the people who use them. Office365 is now one of the most popular cloud based services in the world allowing you to work off your desktop version whilst giving you the ability to share and collaborate in real-time anywhere in the world. With this great version control you can delegate and track with supreme efficiency. SharePoint is the Big Daddy that sits over all of these cloud based applications and has radically changed the way people work. The most common thing we hear when introducing someone new to Office365 is “At last!” It makes us smile every time.


Salesforce plugs beautifully into Office365 and adds a whole new dimension to the way you interact with your customers. It is also cloud based so your sales team can really fly with this technology, even if they are sat in a layby having a sandwich. There are many CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) to choose from. Some are bespoke built by dedicated software companies. Others come “out of the box”. We like SharePoint because it is part of the Microsoft family and so it talks the same language. And we are not just talking about the language it is coded in. The Microsoft team are experts in business workflow. They understand what people need because they use the tech for themselves. What better way to put it through its paces. SharePoint allows you to create a joined up approach to your customer services, acknowledging all the links in the chain from customer contact centre, to renewals, pre-sales and after-sales. All available using a very simple an intuitive interface that happily links up with letter writing in word or emailing via Outlook.