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Amy Hulston

I am definitely not an IT person! I am the interface of Manchester IT with the public.

With a background in retail, customer service and business to business finance, my role is Business Development Manager: supporting our current clients and building even stronger relationships, whilst at the same time growing the Manchester IT business.

With a passion for customer service, dealing with customers is one of my strengths. I really enjoy visiting our clients (I try to visit two each week) to make sure they are happy with the service they are getting and to identify where we might be able to add more value.

In the office I work alongside John and the IT team. What I do each day depends on incoming emails, what issues have to be addressed and their priority. No day is the same in the Manchester IT office! I must ensure that not only are our clients happy, but also the IT specialists in the office.

You see John’s passion, the passion of the guys in the team and you want to contribute to the overall success of Manchester IT. The longer you work with them, the more you buy in to what they achieve with their incredible IT skills; and you want to be part of that success.

Communication is key – and this is an area where I believe we can improve, to work just that bit more efficiently. I’m a ‘problem solver and a doer’. I have always dealt with customers and I pride myself in being able to see both sides of a situation. I just want to make Manchester IT even better.

Married, and with two children Maisie and Thea, I manage my time between my family and my job, working Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have 2 Westie Pom dogs, 2 rabbits and a pony. We have a huge garden – which my husband sorts! Relaxation for me includes walking – I do a lot of that, including walking the kids to school; baking – I’m a good cake baker – and ideal relaxation is a glass of red wine whilst cooking. While at work, job satisfaction is happy clients, good feedback, a job well done and a happy office.

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