IT Support

Managed IT Support comes in many forms from the big red light going off at 3am to a doors-locked 5 year strategy planning week. Responsiveness, agility, deep knowledge and purchasing are just some of the areas but it is understanding your required business outcomes that really makes us different. Plan early, future proof, transform, perfect and protect.

Here are our 4 core areas

  • Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover
  • IT Consultancy
  • IT reviews and strategy
  • Fully Managed IT Projects

Flexible IT Support

Why buy the same support package as The Bank of England? If you only have 5 employees, a printer and some phones, you are not going to pay through the nose for the same level of security James Bond would have. Equally, you may still have a reasonably sized infrastructure but if it is all on one site, there is no need for the same package as a multinational. With a range of flexible IT Support packages, we can ensure that you are seeing real financial benefit to working with MIT Group as well as what our customers regard as a “sleep better” service.

IT Consultancy

Our consultancy tends to take a couple of different forms.

Help, we think something is wrong.

It often starts with a gut feel or perhaps a small incident. Your incumbent services provider may not have been onboarded by you. They may be a legacy. If you need someone to have a quiet look at things to offer a second opinion, we are here to help. In the past we have discovered that services where being third partied out abroad for organisations whose data protection requirements specifically forbid such actions. You’ll be amazed what you can uncover when you let us peek through the curtains.

Transformation sense checking

10 years ago no-one had heard of the gig economy. Now, in some offices, it represents half of the workforce. That‘s the sheer pace of change and that’s just people, what about the tech? Over the next 12 years we will see the advent of quantum encryption and the everyday use of AI. Some of our insurance clients are already using intelligent software to spot things right under their noses that they never knew where there.

You need a very savvy tech partner who understands where things have come from, where they are going and also where they might be going because planning five years ahead is now a massive logistical journey.

IT Reviews & Strategy

It only takes one TED Talk and the boss comes in all fired up on a Monday with a totally new vision forth future of the business. These visions need to be explored to see how viable they are and at MIT Group we love this side of our business. The exploration of the possible. We can create a full tech map and inventory plus data mapping in order to ensure that you have the fullest understanding of your existing landscape. This is usually the best asset to bring to any strategic discussion as it helps keeps things practical from the start.

Planning and foresight are what we live and breathe so, let us partner with you and show you what the reality of your dreams looks like.

Fully managed IT projects

After all the planning, the late night pizza deliveries, the costings and the legacy challenges comes the implementation stage. Typically, this requires you to bring assistance in for your in house people who may require additional skill sets to deliver any transformation project, no matter how small. For some businesses, it may be adding ecommerce to your inventory of services. For others, you may have a new supplier contract on the other side of the world and you need to ensure that overnight APIs are watertight and reliable. We are seeing a massive increase in IOT tech (internet of things) meaning that you need partners who understand who to link your new smart coffee machine up with the ordering system so it automatically reorders when stocks are low. It all sounds a bit space age now but this technology is happening right now. The most likely IOT projects you have in your near future are smart lighting and washroom services.